About Us

Why We are the number  Real Estate Agency

Keysian Properties is Real Estate Agency with the aim of providing low-cost housing, property management and empowering the less privileged to access homeownership. When this idea was hatched out, we had the comfort of all at heart, to offer more meaningful housing and at the same time, introduce a new approach to the management of rental schemes.

Rental Schemes:

The rental market, for many years, has been dogged with either Landlord highhandedness or ungrateful Agents without considering the welfare of the tenant.  In fact the industry at best has been very insensitive to tenant needs and their welfare. Much concentration has been on enriching the Landlord and the intermediaries at the expense of the main object, the tenant. Thus the tenant became the haunted enemy of both the landlord and the Rogue agents who care less about their clients. We looked at this loophole and came up with a system which is customer-centred.

The three industry players; the Landlord, the Agents and the tenant, we believe the latter is the object-centric stay of the other two and deserves the best care in our hands. We are a listening partner, a worthy intermediary between the tenant and the landlord. The trick is to strike a balanced relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

Property ownership

If there was ever a time that the cost of owning a home is beyond the reach of many, it is now. With the current inflation rates and the widening gap between the rich and the poor, the latter has no way of ever owning a home of his own. We at Keysian Properties have developed a model which is case sensitive to the low-income earners. The object is to provide cheap accommodation at all levels of society. We are about you!

Our Mission & Mandate

The population explosion in our cities will continue to increase as people move in search of jobs and livelihoods. There is a growing need for standard housing and social amenities to meet the needs of the growing population.

Whereas REAL Estate Industry has witnessed a major proliferation in recent times than ever before as many investors enter the business, management of the Industry has been on the low ebb. Real Estate industry has been run rather like the Matatu industry with no proper guidelines and checks which should deter Industry scams and tenancy insecurity.

The shortcomings in the Real Estate Industry in Kenya


There is no known legislation regulating the Industry especially in curbing rogue landlords and agents. This has exposed the tenants and potential homeowners to marauding conmen and rogue agents/Landlords who mint money from helpless clients.


If ever there was a time Kenyan tenants faced real terrorist attitude in renting in Nairobi, it’s now. The Landlord and their agents are merciless and ruthless. They dictate the cost of renting at will. If you question you are demanded to move out immediately or thrown out in the middle of the night. Finding your door sealed off with bugler proof steel locks is no big deal.


These are even worse as they use every ploy to dupe their victims. These deals involve agents who present themselves as towering saviour, spinning a web of deception so intricate that sometimes detectives are left with few leads to follow. These extort money through a chain of demands and rules that must be met by the tenant before renting the house. Equally, the homeownership industry faces the same challenges.

They even use online sites to post dream photoshoot of residential images at very tempting rates. When you contact them, usually through a phone call, they toss even more friendly rates and soothe you to book with an amount before someone else moves to pay for it. If you are tempted to adhere to their demands, the line goes off immediately. They make off with your hard-earned money just like that!

Non-regulated rent

Rents in Nairobi are not regulated at all. So rents are hiking on monthly basis without proper order or form. The losers are the tenants who have to bear the burden of the inflated rents.

This is why Keysian Properties joined the race. With a wealth of information n the challenges facing the industry, Keysian Properties wanted to change this culture and make the tenant and homeowners the epicenter of the trade. Customer is always, King. That is the idiom of Strategic Business Management.

What have we done at Keysian Properties?

  • Customer is king

We have introduced a new business model where the tenant/homeowner is the king. We understand the customer as the reason for the business. He, therefore, deserves the best treatment. Our properties are managed with the tenant at heart. Moreover, every business strives to share the customer base which means if the customer is not satisfied, someday he comes by a business which is sensitive to his needs and he will not look back.

  • Support

We have put in place elaborate systems and well-trained customer support staff who are customer sensitive and supportive. We saw it wise to invest in customer support systems to carry out research time after time on the areas we need to improve in order to make our customers comfortable.

  • The Landlord

 The landlord is not left behind either. We have in place an elaborate management system that guarantees the landlord his monthly revenue collection while we take care of the estate to keep it up to market standard.

  • Maintenance kitty

From maintenance kitty, we execute all minor maintenance costs that will keep the tenant happy with his surroundings. We manage garbage and security on behalf of the Landlord thus giving him/her peace of mind.

  • Management

All management of parking area and other services that will keep both tenant and landlord satisfied is our priority. We know it is important to stay deft with new technology in managing our properties.

If you have ever wanted quality service as a landlord, talk to us now. We at Keysian Properties mind the welfare of our clients. Our services are research centred and meeting the needs of this century.

If you have never given a thought to real estate investment, do it now. It is a lucrative industry if well managed. Talk to our experts.

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